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Follow these 4 Tips before updating URL Parameters in GWT

A common problem seen in mid to large websites is the custom or CMS generated URL parameters, which can increase the number of duplicate pages indexed in Google. As a solution, Google Webmasters Tool introduced an advanced feature – URL Parameters. The parameter settings are recommendations for Googlebot. If you want to make sure that BOTS follow crawl and index settings, use NOINDEX directive and robots.txt. They are more powerful.

Keyword Research Tips for Businesses – Use Psychographic Segmentation

As Online Businesses, our time is divided between analyzing traffic trends, fixing technical issues, building links and interacting through social media. Content creation always takes a back seat. Many companies have writers on its payroll to perform this task. But as businesses, we solve customer problems on a regular basis and learn from each interaction.

How to exclude Admin IPs from Analytics (Google and GetClicky)

Analytic software does not ignore admin and team visits by default. You have to create filters to ignore the visits. In Google Analytics, filters can be set to exclude IP address visits, and report visits only from a subdomain or directory. 

Steps to create a Filter to ignore team and admin visits in GA

Behavioral Targeting – The Next Big Thing?

Behavioral targeting provides businesses with the ability to serve customized marketing messages, content and products, according to the visitor's preference, demographic and behavior. From 2011, companies started implementing Behavioral Targeting in Ad networks. The result - a 670% improvement in Click Through rate. Re-targeting Ads through Google AdWords is an example of behavioural targeting.

Adwords Automated Rules Explained With Example

Adwords Automated rules allow you to set conditions that trigger automatic account changes. For PPC marketers, this feature is useful in campaigns where frequent changes are common. As a Digital agency, you cannot ignore a campaign and expect rules to take over. The daily monitoring and changes are inevitable. But automated rules are useful if you have International clients.

Bing SEO Reports

Bing SEO Reports is similar to the HTML Improvements feature in Google webmasters tool. In addition to HTML suggestions, Bing creates the report based on 15 SEO Best practices. The reports are run every two weeks. The main difference between SEO Analyzer and SEO Reports is that, the later generates reports based on the domains listed in the account. Some of the SEO suggestions are:

Bing SEO Analyzer

Microsoft has been trying hard to attract more webmasters to Bing with some nifty tools in the Bing Webmaster’s Tool collection. The latest and the most effective SEO tool is the Bing SEO Analyzer. 

As the name suggests, by entering a URL, the SEO Analyzer checks any verified domain pages for SEO errors.