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Google AdWords Enhanced CPC - How to Implement

If you have been running your Ads in Google AdWords and have received numerous impressions and clicks, this is the right time to enable enhanced CPC. With enhanced CPC, Google will determine the bid rate for you. Based on previous clicks and conversions, Google will increase your bid or lower your bid for better and worse performing keywords. Remember, the bid variation is based on conversion and not click through rate.

Why your E-Mail Newsletter Open Rate is inaccurate?

The 1x1 pixel image was introduced in Email newsletter Campaign Services during a time when Email clients like MS Outlook downloaded images by default. But since MS Outlook 2007, images are disabled by default. The open rate that you see in your Email Campaign Analytic Dashboard might not be entirely accurate. 

How Does Email Marketing Service track Open Rate?

6 SEO Best Practices for your URLs

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) allows web users to access the webpage, documents or any other resources hosted in your server. How should the urls be structured for blog sites with 40 pages, 1000s of pages or e-commerce site with over 10000 pages? The answer is each type of blog has a different way of presenting its unique page to the user. More than the bots being able to figure out what your webpage is about, it is important that you structure your web urls for your visitors.

Bing Markup Validator

Bing has introduced a new feature in its Webmasters tool – Mark-up Validator. If you are worried whether your website follows the standard coding and mark-up conventions, visit the crawl section in Bing’s webmasters tool. 

Search Intent - 6 Types that you Should Know

The great thing about Search Engines, especially Google Search Engine is that you can get the intent of the search with Keyword Research and monitoring tools. You don’t have to guess what your prospects are searching for. There are six categories of searches:

Top 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media has evolved from a niche tool to a widely adopted communication media for brands, customers and prospects. Search Engines are using clicks from social media links as one of the ranking signals that decides how your web page rank for certain keywords. It is important that you see the value of social media beyond SEO. 

Why should you use Social Media?

4 Micro Conversions you Should Know

Conversion – the one metric that make sense to all publishers and internet marketers.  But often we forget to monitor the path, actions and behaviours that led to the conversion. The small steps that eventually led to conversion are called Micro-Conversions.

Meta Description - Top 6 tips for SEO

Meta Description is the text snippet that is visible just below the title of your page in Search Results. Although Google has announced in 2009, that Google’s algorithm doesn’t take into consideration the meta description and meta keywords for ranking each page, meta-description is important to improve your click through rate in SERPs.