Power of AdWords Keyword Grouper

Google’s AdWords keyword Grouper allows marketers to group thousands of keywords according to common themes. This will save your precious time manually grouping keywords according to various themes. Please note that this process is not error free. You have to double check the campaign and remove duplicate and irrelevant ad groups.

Steps for Keyword Grouping 

1) Download Google AdWords Editor for Desktop

2) Login to your Google AdWords Account

3) Create a campaign

For testing purpose let us create a campaign called Insurance

Add Campaign


Campaign Name

4) Set your daily budget, ,Start Date, End Date, Search Network (Google Search only or Google Search Partners), Display Network (how Ads should be displayed in the network), Devices(Desktop/Laptop, Mobile Devices with Full Browsers and/or Tablets with Full Browser) and Bidding Option (Manual or Auto)

5) Once you have created the Campaign, create a Dummy Ad Group

Name it as adgroup1 (or any name)

6) Set your default CPC Max Bid for the Ad Group

7) Click Tools->Keyword Opportunities

8) Enter your target keyword (in this case insurance)

9) You will get a superset of keywords (if you have selected broad match)

10) You can change the match type to phrase or exact match

Match Type

11) Once you have the selected the desired set of keywords, click Add Keyword or you can export the selected keywords to a csv file.

12) The selected keywords are now placed in adgroup1 under campaign “Insurance” 

13) From Tools, select keyword Grouper

Keyword Grouper

14) When you click Generate Common Terms, AdWords will create phrases that are common in the set of added keywords


Include and Ignore Terms

15) As you can see on the right, there is a space to include words that should be ignored while generating the keyword terms. Include those words in the list.  By default “for” and “in” are included in the list. You can also include other demonstrative pronouns in the ignore list.

16) Once you have added your ignore list, click generate terms. Remove terms that are repetitive or are not part of your campaign themes. 

17) After cleaning up the generated terms, click next.

18) You have an option to copy text ads in existing Ad Group to the newly created Ad Groups. If you want to manually create Ads for each Ad Group, select “No, don't create any text ads in the new ad groups.”

19) Click Finish and you are ready with Ad Groups based on keyword themes.

20) Clean up the Ad Groups and you are ready for your online campaign.

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