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Adjusted Bounce Rate introduced in Google Analytics

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who just access one page in a website and then leaves.  If you have a popular blog, regular visitors will not access more than one page in a visit.  In such cases, Bounce rate based on page view would be meaningless.  Third Party Web Analytics Software like Clicky Web Analytics had been using time on page as a factor for determining Bounce Rate.

What you can learn from A/B Testing?

We have been running a few tests to find out what makes the visitors click links, inside and below an article. When you have tools to measure user engagement at page level, make use of them. You will be surprised to learn that lot of your assumptions are wrong. It hurts but this is going to be one of the best learning experiences. 

Bing's Fight Against Negative SEO - Disavow Links

No matter what Google tells about negative SEO, it does work. Competitors have cleverly used negative SEO to outrank genuine quality sites. Yeah..Yeah. Google has justified the penguin update and have said that negative SEO has little impact on well-known brands. The impact has been for scrapper sites and sites that used Black Hat SEO techniques.

Google Knowledge Graph


Google Knowledge graph has changed information presentation for users. Search has always been a function of presenting webpage based on search query. Google has made a revolutionary step in changing how search takes place. Instead of the users repeating the search queries, Google has become more intelligent with Knowledge graph. 

Google URL Shortner

Google URL shortener ( is just like You can access information about referrers, countries of visitors that have clicked your URL, Browser type and Platforms used by your visitor with the URL. But like in links, the information would be public and can be accessed by other users having a account.


How to submit websites to Bing Webmaster Tool

If you are wondering whether it is important to submit your website to Bing Search Engine, here are some statistics:

1) According to the latest comscore report, Bing overtook Yahoo as the second largest search engine in Jan 2012 with 15.1% market share