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How to Filter by Geography With Google Analytics Profile

Google Analytics Profile allows Marketers to segment the traffic based on location. For most website, 2-3 countries would be contributing towards most of the revenue. Instead of filtering Google Analytics with custom segments, it is a better idea to create profiles for your top five target markets.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial:

PPC Ad Copywriting - Six Best Practices

Copywriting is a critical component in Pay per Click Ads. Even though you have structured your PPC accounts, the Headline, Description and Display URL are important elements in inviting users to your products. 

Here are six Best practices for PPC Ad Copywriting

Google Tag Manager - Introduction

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the latest service that the Internet Giant has introduced to the market.  The tool is especially useful for Marketers who would like to add custom tags on their own.  For each company, (internal or clients), the first step in setting up a GTM is to create an Account. For each Google Id, you can have multiple accounts.

Google Human Raters – How Processes and 7 Biases influence results

Google Search results are not entirely based on algorithms. Human Raters play a crucial role in evaluating algorithm changes.  They have to first understand the query type – navigational, informational & transactional. Then they have to evaluate the pages in the search results for relevance and the value it offers to the user.