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3 Goals of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate OptimizationMost Businesses hire conversion rate experts to get a lift in sales in the short-term. The expert while providing the services forgets to convince the Business Owner that the conversion rate optimization is not a short-term activity. It should be integrated into all Business processes.

5 Twitter Marketing Strategies that you Should Know

Twitter Marketing has taken many shapes and forms over the past 5 years but a strategy that has proven effective for building brands is the practice of helping the user.  Most Businesses will complaint that they don’t have time to listen to what the user is having for lunch or what they are going to do on weekends. In fact, you can focus on conversations that are relevant for your industry or your product/services. Here are some best practices:

How to Add Adwords Managed Placements

If you have used Google Adwords for promoting your products/services, you might be aware of the difference between Search and Display networks. When you start with Adwords, it is a better strategy to use Automatic Placements. Google will choose placements based on the keywords in your Ad Group.

Understanding Statistics Before Landing Page Optimization

Most Internet Marketers are aware of how to implement A/B and Multivariate testing in Google Website Optimizer (and other tools) but lot of them doesn’t understand the importance of statistics in these experiments. Two terms that a landing page optimization (LPO) expert should understand before testing are: Statistical Significance and Confidence Level.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool - Basics

If you are a Microsoft Ad Center user then you might be aware of the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool. It is a Plugin for MS Excel, which allows you to do keyword research and find Key Performance Data like the volume, demographic and geographic data.