How to maintain scent of the Information in a Landing Page

It is a known fact that web users don’t read an article in its entirety. They will only read the article after skimming through the information and finding key phrases in the heading and sub-heading that are related to their problem. The skimming doesn’t stop at the text level. Web users will also sub-consciously evaluate visual cues (trust symbols, button colour, button shape and web template) to figure out whether the page is relevant in solving their problem.

Landing Page: In a landing page, it is important that the scent of the information is maintained. But before maintaining the scent of the information; focus should be on understanding how the user reached the landing page.

The source of landing page visit can be from: Pay per Click Ads, Banner Ads or links from partner sites or Search engine visit. Visitors from each source have different expectations. But there are some common visual and textual elements that users scan after reaching the landing page. 

1) Logo: Depending on the context of the landing page, the corresponding logo should be shown. For example, our online publication – F1GMAT provides 10% discount on all Veritas Prep products and services, including GMAT and MBA Admissions Consulting services. The visitors are likely to read about the offer in a special offer page in F1GMAT like:

Offer Page

On clicking the link the visitor is taken to an iframe with F1GMAT offer on left side and Veritas Prep’s customized landing page on the right. In the above case the logo of both the partner site and the product site has to be retained for the offer.


Both Logos Retained to maintain Scent of Information

2) Headline: The headline has to reaffirm the fact that the user has reached the right landing page, which is done with the offer in the headline(below logo)

Offer in the Headline

3) Consistency of the Offer: It is also important to maintain the consistency of the offer. In the above example, the $450 worth of Business School report is clearly mentioned in F1GMAT’s copy(on left frame) and in Veritas Prep’s Copy (on right frame)

Consistency of Offer Maintained with the Offer Value


Consistency of the Offer

4) Trust Elements: Trust elements like VeriSign Trust Seal, Social Proof (Facebook Friends who like your brand) and Verifiable Testimonials add trust to the transaction. In case of partnerships, the assurance in the landing page that validates the claim about the offer adds trust to the transaction.

Trust Elements in Landing Pages

The above example shows the importance of maintaining scent of information in a landing page from a partner site. The rules for maintaining scent of information in an e-commerce landing page, pay per click landing page and banner ad landing pages are different.

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