How to submit websites to Bing Webmaster Tool

If you are wondering whether it is important to submit your website to Bing Search Engine, here are some statistics:

1) According to the latest comscore report, Bing overtook Yahoo as the second largest search engine in Jan 2012 with 15.1% market share

2) According to Compete’s  Jan 2012 report, Bing’s growth in US markets has been steady with the growth rate reaching 16.3%

Bing Growth and Importance of Submitting sites to Webmaster Tools
















Compete Report

Although the growth of Bing has been at the expense of other partner sites like Yahoo, ranking for searches from Bing is crucial in the long run.

Steps to submit website in Bing Search Engine

1) Visit

2) If you have a windows live id, use that id for submitting your website. It is advised to use a separate id for your personal and website account

3) Once you have signed up and verified your account, you will be taken to”uniqueWebmasterId”

4) Enter your company Details and communication preference

5) Add your website

6) Once you have added your website, verify the ownership by

a) Placing an XML file on your web server

b) Copy and pasting a tag in your default webpage

c) Adding CNAME record to DNS

7) Once you have verified your website with one of the above three methods, you will see the latest stats in your Bing Webmaster tool

8) You can set daily, weekly and monthly notification for website crawl errors.

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