How to Handle page layout Algorithm Update?

Google Search team has announced a change in Algorithm that would impact websites with high Ad/Content ratio. According to the Search Team, this tweak would allow sites that are content rich to rank better than sites that have too many ads above the fold. 

Google has also clarified that it won’t affect publishers that use leaderboard and right sidebar Ad above the fold of the page. This move is targeted for websites that use too many Ads above the fold, before the actual content can be seen.

What is above the fold?

Above the fold in a webpage is the visible area in your webpage without scrolling. 

How will I know whether the Ads above the fold are impacting the visitors?

1) Go to your Google Analytics 

2) Click Audience->Technology->Browser and OS

3) Click Screen Resolutions

4) Find the top 5 screen resolutions of your visitors

Page Layout Analytics

Example: In ByteFive’s case it would be:

Top 5 Resolution Google Page Layout

How will you know whether you have too many Ads?

1) Once you have the top 5 screen resolutions, visit Browser Size Tool or add one of the Chrome Screen Resolution Plugins


Screen Resolution Test for ByteFive Blogs

2) Test how your page looks in the top 5 resolutions

What is the impact of the change?

This tweak in the algorithm is expected to affect 1% of searches, globally. Since the tweak is algorithmic, a change in page layout can help you retain your position is SERPs

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