Google AdWords Enhanced CPC - How to Implement

If you have been running your Ads in Google AdWords and have received numerous impressions and clicks, this is the right time to enable enhanced CPC. With enhanced CPC, Google will determine the bid rate for you. Based on previous clicks and conversions, Google will increase your bid or lower your bid for better and worse performing keywords. Remember, the bid variation is based on conversion and not click through rate.

If you have not yet enabled conversion tracking in your AdWords account – read our article about Google AdWords Conversion tracking

Once you have enabled conversion tracking in Google AdWords, follow these steps:

1) Click the Campaign Tab

Campaigns Tab

2) Choose your Campaign

3) Under Settings tab, click Bidding and Budget.

Adwords Settings Tab

4) Enable the option “Use my conversion tracking data and bids to optimize for conversions” under Enhanced CPC

Adwords Enhanced CPC

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