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Write Google Ads for these 6 Personas

When it comes to writing Google Ads, you will notice that apart from Bid Management, Campaign Structure (Keyword Grouping and Ad Group Management), landing page optimization and daily campaign monitoring, writing Ad Copy for different Persona is crucial to stand out in the SERP. It does not matter if you are the last Ad in the first page.

How to Add rel="publisher" for your Website

The pros and cons of using rel=”publisher” is a topic for another article. But let us see how to implement rel=”publisher” for your website. Most CMS and custom web applications will have one primary php file that control the display and logical flow of the entire website. Once you have identified the main php file, follow these steps: 

How to Identify low quality pages in your Website?

With Google Panda Updates, webmasters and businesses across the world have realized the importance of maintaining quality pages for higher SERP ranking.  You might not intentionally create low ranking web pages but once you start publishing on a regular basis, low quality pages will be created or generated.

Steps to Identify low quality pages