How to Add Adwords Managed Placements

If you have used Google Adwords for promoting your products/services, you might be aware of the difference between Search and Display networks. When you start with Adwords, it is a better strategy to use Automatic Placements. Google will choose placements based on the keywords in your Ad Group. Once you get 100 to 500 clicks, it is time to check the conversion rate. If the conversion rate is poor (less than 1%), start using Adwords Managed Placements.

Please remember that placements, both automatic and managed are part of the Display network. With Adwords Managed placement, marketers can choose the place to show their Ads. If you know that a particular website ranks well for a group of keywords that you are targeting, then you can chose to show your Ads only in those pages.

Let us dive into an Example.

If you have opened an Italian restaurant (Luigi) in New York and wants to attract internet users in the 18-34 age group 

1) Start with a campaign: Luigi Restaurant

Campaign and Location for Google Display Network

2) Under Networks and Devices, Select Specific Reach (in Display Network)

Specific Reach for Google Display Network

This will allow you to target pages that are guaranteed to be reached by visitors searching for Italian restaurants.

3) Set the Bidding and Budget, Ad Extensions and Advanced Setting according to your campaign goals.

4) Don’t forget to edit the Demographic setting and exclude users that are not in the campaign target group

Demographic Exclude

5) Create an Ad Group Italian Restaurant

6) Research keywords that are close to the theme of Italian Restaurant (Italian restaurants nyc, best Italian restaurants nyc, top 10 italian restaurants nyc, Italian food new York, pasta new York, pizza new York etc.)

7) Once you have created a focused theme for your Ad Group.

8 ) Start creating an Ad for the theme

9) The Ad is by default ready for the search network but since you have selected Specific Reach under Display Network while creating the campaign, you have to add placements.

How to Add Adwords Managed Placements

1) Click the Networks Tab

Networks Tab

2) Under Networks tab you will see Managed Placements and Automatic Placements

3) Click Show Details in Managed Placements

4) Click Add Placements

5) Now you can show your Ads in Google Display Network based on page URL.

6) Find the top 10 websites ranking for your keywords. Check them out. Are they using Google DoubleClick or AdSense? If they are, then copy the url of the page that are ranking for your keywords

7) While using the url in the placements, remove the “www”

Google Adwords Placements

8 ) For effective placement, bid high for the pages before optimizing.

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