How to Add Competitive Metrics in Google AdWords

Impression share is similar to market share. You and your competitors bid for impressions that can be attained for your Ads. Impression share is a competitive metric that provides information on the actual impression against the available impressions in your target market. 

Impression share = Actual Impression/ (Estimated number of impressions Eligible)

The estimated number of impressions eligible for your account is based on the Ad’s targeting settings, Bids and Quality Score. The Impression share is available at Campaign and Ad Group level.

The three important competitive metrics are:

1) Lost IS (budget): This a campaign level data, which shows the percentage of time that your Ads weren’t shown due to insufficient budget. 

2) Lost IS (rank): This is an Ad Group level data, which shows the percentage of time that your Ads weren’t shown due to poor Ad Rank. 

3) Exact match IS:  This data is available only for Search Network under Campaign and Ad Groups. The Exact match IS is the percentage of impressions that you received for searches that exactly matched your keyword divided by the estimated number of exact match impressions you were eligible to receive. 

How to Add Impression share metrics to your Report

1) Click the Campaigns Tab

2) Click Customize Columns under the Columns

3) Click the “Competitive Metrics”

Competitive Metrics

4) Add the competitive metrics to your campaign and save the new columns

5) The new columns will be visible as follows

 New Competitive Metrics
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