Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool - Basics

If you are a Microsoft Ad Center user then you might be aware of the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool. It is a Plugin for MS Excel, which allows you to do keyword research and find Key Performance Data like the volume, demographic and geographic data. With the tool, you can also forecast monthly keyword volume and get Ad specific information like the clicks, impressions, position, CTR(click through rates) and Cost per click.

Pre-Requisite for Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool: MS Office Excel 2007 or 2010

If you are using MS Office Excel 2007, download Visual Studio 2010 Tools before installing the Microsoft Advertising Tool.

For MS Office 2010 users, Download Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool for MS Excel.

Steps to install Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool

1. Close your MS Excel application before installing the plugin

2. After installation, you will see the Ad Intelligence tab

Ad Intelligence Tab

3. Now click the Options button under Ad Intelligence tab

4. Select KSP Server

5. In the User name and Password boxes, type your AdCenter user name and password.

6. Click Test Connection to check whether you are authenticated to the KSP Server

7. Click OK

8. Select the Language and Market you are targeting by clicking the options drop down menu under Ad Intelligence tab.

Your Ad Intelligence Tool is ready!
Ad Intelligence Tool

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