Using Google Adwords Accelerated Delivery for Conversion

Google Adwords provides two types of delivery options: Standard Delivery and Accelerated Delivery. 

Standard Delivery: The Standard delivery shows your Ad evenly throughout the Ad Network, allowing even exposure to your Ad. The Ad System will allocate your budget for the whole day.

Accelerated Delivery: The Second Ad delivery option will allow you to display Ads as soon as possible. This delivery method is not useful for companies with low budget. 

Who will benefit from Accelerated Delivery?

If your SEO effort has finally given you a sudden surge in visitors for a particular keyword, you can test the conversion for related keyword with Ad Title and Description borrowed from the page title and meta-description

Page Title: SEO for Beginners

Meta-Description: ByteFive’s SEO for Beginners Guide is easy to read and understand. You can implement the techniques in just 2 hours.

You know that the keyword “SEO for Beginners” is a competitive keyword and the surge in visit might be temporary because of QDF. But the fact that users are clicking your title in the SERP shows that the page title and meta-description is effective.

Now your job is to run Ads in Accelerated Delivery Option for related keywords and find the optimum keyword for conversion. You can test for Sub-Heading, Button Color, Call to Action and other relevant web elements. Once you have bid for related keywords like seo guide for beginners, seo techniques for beginners and seo tutorials for beginners, test three Ads and three landing pages for each keyword, collect the conversion data. The Click through and conversion data collected in the shortest period of time is essential for landing page optimization and seo.

Once you have captured the most effective keyword for conversion, research about the keyword difficulty and optimize your current page or create related page for the most effective keyword. You can now direct the visitors according to intent from the current page:


SEO For Beginners

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