How to exclude Admin IPs from Analytics (Google and GetClicky)

Analytic software does not ignore admin and team visits by default. You have to create filters to ignore the visits. In Google Analytics, filters can be set to exclude IP address visits, and report visits only from a subdomain or directory. 

Steps to create a Filter to ignore team and admin visits in GA

1) Under Admin, click the Filters tab

Filter Manager - Google Analytics

2) Click ‘New Filter’ button and enter an appropriate name – “Exclude Admin”

3) Select ‘Custom Filter’ and enter the action “Exclude IP addresses” 

Custom Filters

4) To include all the IP range, Google has created a tool to generate the regex for the IPs (Click here)

5) Enter the first and last IP address for your organization and click ‘Generate RegEx

IP Regex

6) Copy the Regular Expression and paste it in the Filter pattern mentioned in 3)

7) Select the profile, where you want the filter, and click Add. The selected profile will be shown as below:

Profiles Selected

8) Click Save 

Google analytics will exclude visits from all the IPs mentioned in the range.

Steps to create a Filter to ignore team and admin visits in Clicky

1) Visit Preferences-> Visitor Tags and Filters

2) Enter the IP range and give an appropriate name 


3) Select “Do not log visits from this IP / UID.”

4) Select “Global” and click ‘Submit’