Adwords Automated Rules Explained With Example

Adwords Automated rules allow you to set conditions that trigger automatic account changes. For PPC marketers, this feature is useful in campaigns where frequent changes are common. As a Digital agency, you cannot ignore a campaign and expect rules to take over. The daily monitoring and changes are inevitable. But automated rules are useful if you have International clients. The time zone difference restricts you from making hourly changes. The quality and number of visitors to your landing page changes throughout the day. 

Let us say that while you were asleep, the conversion rate for your international client increased by over 25% during a 4-hour period. Is it a trend? Find out by increasing the impression share for the keyword. You can do that by bidding for the first page. 

Scenario: Increase keyword bid during a 4-hour period when the conversion increases by 25%. 

Increased Conversion: 12:00 am to 4 am (time when we were sleeping)

The automated rules are available at campaign, Ad Group, Ads and keyword level. For the above, scenario, we need campaign level (budgeting) and keyword level rules.

1) First let us find out the rules available at the keyword level 

• Change Max CPC bids when

• Raise Bids to top of page CPC when 

• Raise bids to first page CPC when

• Pause keywords when

• Enable keywords when

2) We need the third rule – “Raise bids to first page CPC” 

Increase Keyword Rule

3)  The Increase keyword bids to first page CPC window gives us multiple options for setting the automated rules

a) Apply To: Selected keywords, All Keywords or All but deleted keywords

For the above scenario, apply the rule only for the selected keyword

b) Automatic Action: Max Bid or Manual Bid

If the max cpc bid is within the daily budget for the campaign, then tick the ‘Max bid’ checkbox. 

If your average ad position is at the top of the second page, then estimate the additional budget and fill the bid value, manually.

c) Requirements: Conversions, Performance, Ad Group, Ad Group Name, Campaign, Campaign Name, Max CPC, Dest URL, Keyword Text, Auction insights, Status, Qual Score, Match Type and Labels

Requirements are conditions that you can set for triggering the rules. Fourteen variables are available for the requirements. 

Conversion Rate Rule

In the above scenario, we just need the Conversions variable, specifically the conversion rate.

d) Frequency: One Time, Daily, Weekly and Monthly (Time)

We want to test the Ad daily for a week. So we will pick daily at 12:00 am, when we saw the first increase in conversion.

4) Give a recognizable name for the rule and set notification rules through Email results. Email notification will be send when the rules are triggered or when there are changes or errors, or only when there is any error in the rule.

5) Click the Automated Rules under Campaign Tab to find the list and logs of each rule. You can control and monitor the rules from this section.

Automated Rules Menu            

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