Behavioral Targeting – The Next Big Thing?

Behavioral targeting provides businesses with the ability to serve customized marketing messages, content and products, according to the visitor's preference, demographic and behavior. From 2011, companies started implementing Behavioral Targeting in Ad networks. The result - a 670% improvement in Click Through rate. Re-targeting Ads through Google AdWords is an example of behavioural targeting. If you have seen Ads chasing you based on your browsing and search pattern, then you already know a little bit about BT. 

How does Behavioral-targeting work?

BT uses cookies to identify and gather information about the visitors. The cookies stored in the visitor’s computer tracks all the other sites that the visitor browses. Based on that information, marketing messages, content and product recommendations are customized. 

What makes Behavioral targeting effective?

Showing relevant marketing message, content and Ads is not what makes BT unique. The algorithm predicts user behaviour based on actions – search, click, page interaction and purchase. BT uses machine-learning algorithms to predict the visitor’s next action.

What it means for Online Marketers?

In Conversion Rate Optimization - testing can only be as good as your ideas. Similarly, for behavioural targeting, you have to:

1) Understand your visitors, their goals, age and preferences.

2) Understand the intent of their search

3) Understand why they bounced from a particular page

Most BT tools will customize content and advertisement according to demographic. But it need not be the most effective way to improve conversion or improve user experience. Before subscribing, understand the functionality of each BT tools. Is it rule based or adaptive? If it is adaptive, find out whether the targeting is based on demographic. 

If you have a fair understanding of how your visitors behave, it is time to customize your marketing message and content for each one of them. Conversion rate optimization tools like VWO and Optimizely have integrated simple to complex rule based behavioural targeting in their system. But if you are looking for companies that focus entirely on behavioural targeting, here are a couple of them

BT Buckets

BT BucketsBTBuckets is a free* tag-based solution that allows you to automatically segment and target users based on behavioural, demographic, and technographic information. Serve personalized content to these clusters according to the rules that you set.




Personyze is a complete set of tools focused on enhancing user-experience and increasing conversions and revenue. The suite features highly advanced and powerful segmentation and personalization capabilities, as well as analytics and testing tools