14 Variables that Matter - Pay Per Click Optimization

The success of a PPC campaign depends upon finding patterns in best converting Ads, Keywords and Ad-Groups. In order to optimize your campaign, monitoring the right variables is necessary. The 14 columns that you should monitor are:

1) Keyword - Should identify the intent of your audience/customer and the search pattern

2) Campaign - Focus on one Product/Client

3) Ad-Group - Ad-Group should focus on one theme of a campaign/product/service

4) Status – Represents where the keywords stands in the bid. It can be either Below First Page Bid or Rarely shown due to Low Quality Score or Eligible. 

5) Max CPC - Maximum Cost per Click that you have set. This will allow you to allocate budget to the right Ad-Group

6) Clicks – The total Clicks received by each Ad, mapped to keywords. This gives us information on whether the Ads are inviting the searchers to click.

7) Impression – Total impressions received by each keyword. Based on this data you can adjust the bid on the keyword

8) CTR (Click Through Rate) – Important to monitor how searchers are responding to your Ad and whether the keywords are mapped to the right Ad-Group

9) Average Cost Per Click: The actual cost per click for your keywords.

10) Cost: The total of Average Cost Per Click and Cost per 1000 impressions (for CPM Ads)

11) Average Position: The average rank of the Ad in the bid

12) Conversion: The total number of clicks that resulted in a conversion

13) Cost per Conversion: The cost per conversion is calculated by dividing the total cost by the total conversions.

14) Conversion Rate: Conversion represented as percentage.


Adwords Variables that Matter