9 Effective Call to Actions for the Web

Call to Actions in Internet Media/Marketing are words that facilitate visitors to take immediate action. Here are 9 popular call to action used in successful online publications and retail stores.

1) Add to Cart: If you are running an e-commerce portal, you can’t ignore this call to action. This call to action has occupied the mind space of most online shoppers like the “Home” link in websites. If you don’t use ‘Add to Cart’ call to action in your shopping button, expect your conversion to go down by a huge margin.

2) Get Started: This is friendly way of introducing visitors to your products and services. Ideally, use this call to action for trial versions or for low cost segment of your service.

3) Try Now, Its Free: Another variation of 'Get Started’ is ‘Try Now’. Although ‘Try Now’ is used for providing visitors with the option to try your service, by appending ‘Its Free’, you are reaffirming that the products and services would be offered for Free during a trial period.

4) Join Now:  Don’t use ‘Join Now’ in the first fold of the page. Ideally, use it after you have provided value with your expertise either through articles, whitepaper or case studies. Another version of ‘Join Now’ is Sign up for Free.

5) Sign up for Free: Similar to “Join Now”, Sign up for Free should be supported by something of value. Once you have convinced that the information that you provide adds value to their life or solve their problem, offer the ‘Sign up for Free’ call to action for your Newsletter or your Webinar.

6) Download Now: This call to action is effective for digital goods, both paid and Free. However, make sure that you provide the details of what to expect with this download before guiding the visitor with the “Download Now” call to action.

Other versions of Download Now are Download case study, Download <name of the software> Software.

If you are offering the download for Free, then don’t forget to clearly specify that in the call to action with “Free Download” or “Download Now, Free”

7) Take a Tour/Features: This is a common call to action for introducing the functions of your products to the visitor. Using integrated videos, slideshows and simple language for the product description, you can guide the visitor from “Features/Take a Tour” section to the ‘See Plans and Pricing’ page.

8) See Plans and Pricing: Another common call to action for cloud based services is “See Plans and Pricing”. Ensure that you have introduced your company and clearly mentioned how your service is going to solve the problem before guiding the visitor to the “See Plans and Pricing” section. The web design and internal links play an important role in guiding the visitor at an appropriate awareness state.

9) Learn More: This is the most friendly ‘Call to Action’, which should be used in Banner Ads. Provide just the right information to spike interest in your Product/service. Invite clicks with “Learn More”/ Learn More about <Product Name> button.


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