How to use Ad Extensions to Improve Google Adwords Performance?

What would you do if you have used up all the best practices in creating effective Ads for Google Adwords and still haven’t received a good response? For competitive categories, this might be the case. The best strategy is to use Google Adwords Ad Extensions. 

Ad Extensions will allow your Ads to stand from the rest of the competition. There are four types of Ad Extensions available in Google Adwords:

1) Location Extensions

2) Call Extensions

3) Sitelinks Extensions

4) Social Extensions

1) Location Extensions: This extension is especially useful for Brick and Mortar Businesses or for Businesses where you have regular face-to-face customer meetings. For online Businesses, this extension might be the least useful. Location extensions in your Google Ads would give the client an opportunity to find your Business location from the Ad itself.


Google Adwords Location Extensions

As you can see in the above example, I searched for flower shops in Adyar and I can see the Phone Number and a link with "Directions" to the shop. If I had performed this search while traveling near Adyar, I could easily drop by the shop and place my orders. If you have registered for Google Places, you can easily integrate Google Place Directions with the Google Adwords Location Extension (provided you have used the same e-mail id to create both accounts). You can also specify a different e-mail id while connecting your Google Places account with the extension. A third option is to manually enter your location information. 

2) Call Extensions: This extension is effective for both online and other Businesses. Call Extensions are useful if your Business is not tied to a particular city. If the customer is using a phone device they will see your phone number as a clickable phone icon. The call from the Ad has the same price as the click. Advertisers can use local, toll-free, shared or vanity numbers. 

You can also combine Call Extension with Location Extension. For a restaurant chain the numbers will change with location and therefore it would be useful to combine both so that your customers can reach you using location information or call you and ask you about the menu or take away options.

For a national advertiser, it would be wise to use a common number (toll free) in your call extensions

For Location Extension, the number provided in Google places will be automatically considered if you are integrating a call extension with it.

3) Sitelink Extensions: This extension provides Advertisers with an opportunity to display a maximum of 6 links related to the search keyword (Apart from the Title and Display URL link). The advertiser can select up to 10 site links but Google will randomly pick 6 out of 10. 

Use this feature to allow the customers to reach deep links related to the search terms or show sections that are relevant for the customers

In the below example although I have searched for hotels in New York, I am being guided to various categories of hotels through the sitelinks like:


Google Adwords Sitelink Extensions

"Most Popular Hotels"

"Best Price Guarantee"

This is an excellent way to guide the customers in the right direction. My expectation is that by clicking the sitelinks, I would be taken to "Most Popular Hotels in New York" or "Best Price Guaranteed Hotels in New York". Taking the customers to the general category page is a bad idea and might result in low conversion.

4) Social Extensions

Google has introduced a new extension called Social Extension that integrates your Google Ad with Google Plus button. +1 Clicks on Google Ads would be automatically counted as +1 for your Google Plus page, allowing you to initiate a connection with your brand followers.

Google Adwords Social Extensions

As you can see above when I search for ford cars 2012, I can see Ford India Ad with the +1 icon near the url. On clicking the +1 icon, Ford has now a connection with me (a potential customer). The +1 icon would be visible only if you have logged in a Google product.

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