Google AdWords Auction Insight Report - Tutorial

Google AdWords Insight Report TutorialBidding relentlessly without getting any feedback on impression share and competition can be inefficient. To fix this problem, Google AdWords has introduced the Auction Insight Report.

To access the Auction Insight Report

1) Click Any AdGroup that have enough clicks and conversion – around 5000 to 10,000 impressions.Remember the auction report can only be accessed at AdGroup level

2) Click the AdGroup to see the list of keywords

3) Click the Details Tab and select keywords or all the keywords as shown below for the insight report



4) If the impressions and clicks are not enough, AdWords will show a message like this:

Auction Insight Not Enough Date Message

5) To fix this issue, increase the time frame of the campaign 

6) Now you will see the impression share, avg position, overlap rate, position above rate and top of page rate details.

 Auction Insight Detail Data

Let us understand what each term means

Impression Share: As the name suggests is the total impression that your Ad has gained for all the keywords under the AdGroup. In the above case, 71.43% Impression share is gained by the Ad. 

Average Position: is the average position that the Ad occupies when other Ads are compared. 

Overlap Rate: is the percentage of the impression share that other competitors also gained when your Ad was shown.

If the overlap rate is 50%, for 100 impressions that your Ad received 50 times, your competitor’s Ad was also shown. 

Position above Rate: is the number of times your competitor’s ad was shown above your Ad.

If the position above rate is 100%, your competitor’s Ad was shown above your Ad, all the time. 

Top of Page Rate: Google Ads are shown on right sidebar and top of the search results. The Top of Page Rate shows the number of times your Ad was shown above the search result.

In the above case, 63.81% of the Ad impressions were shown above the search results. 

Auction Insight report gives you feedback on the efficiency of each keyword and the bidding strategy that you have adopted for them. Optimize the campaign based on the auction report. The combination of impression share, average position and top of page rate will give insight on the best performing keywords and Ads. 

Overlap rate and position above rate gives insight on the competition for the keyword. If the overlap is high and competitors have better position above rate, develop a strategy to differentiate your Ad. 

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