Write Google Ads for these 6 Personas

When it comes to writing Google Ads, you will notice that apart from Bid Management, Campaign Structure (Keyword Grouping and Ad Group Management), landing page optimization and daily campaign monitoring, writing Ad Copy for different Persona is crucial to stand out in the SERP. It does not matter if you are the last Ad in the first page. It matters how your message resonates with the consumer and differentiates from your competition. Before you start editing your copy, remember this “You cannot target all the consumers for a particular keyword”. Unfortunately, keyword research can only guarantee impressions. After that, you have to figure out the intent of the keyword and the Persona of the consumer. Most consumers can be categorized under six Personas.

Let us look at a consumer who is planning to buy an HTC mobile phone with a clear intent shown with the keyword “htc mobile purchase online”

1) Option Seekers

Even though the keyword “htc mobile purchase online” is a clear giveaway that the consumer has done his homework and shortlisted HTC, Option seekers want to find out the best product under htc mobile phone.

For this persona, an Ad like the following would work:

280+ HTC Mobile phone assures several options for the consumer. For a keyword like “htc mobile purchase online”, your Ad should target this Persona.

2) Brand Seekers

This persona is willing to buy products online only if the online shop or the retailer is a well-known brand. It doesn’t matter if you include all other perks, Brand Seekers are risk averse and would not buy from a new brand. So if you are a start-up don’t write Ads for this persona.

If you want to see an Ad for Brand Seekers, it would look like this

Brand Seekers

The description - Find Buy Phones Online on Junglee. A new shopping service by Amazon looks like a normal Ad until you notice the word Amazon at the end of the Ad. This immediately adds credibility.  If you are not a well-known brand, you have no other choice but to ignore this persona.

3) Discount Seekers

This persona is not willing to open the wallet until she sees some kind of discount in the Ad. It need not be a high percentage but some indication that the products will be provided below the market price.


For Discount Seekers - a discount % in the Ad will invite clicks

In the above example, the discount is provided in the headline itself

Buy HTC Mobiles Online - Upto 48% Off.

Targeting this Persona alone is not a good strategy in the long-term. There is always going to be someone who will have a better price than your store. But do test your Ad for this persona before coming to any conclusions.  For Asian consumers, a bargain is paramount. Depending on your brand’s reach, target this persona.

4) Free Seekers

The persona is looking for the keyword Free in the Ad. It can be “Free Shipping”, “Free headset” or anything that can be provided free with the product.

In the above example, it is ‘Free Shipping’

This Persona essentially is looking for a DEAL. You can replace the word ‘Free’ with ‘Best Deal’ or ‘Best Offer’

5) Fast Delivery Seekers

For this persona, convenient delivery of the product, either as a quick download or fast shipping is essential for a purchase. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anyone using this in the Ad Copy. Ideally the Ad should have been

Buy HTC Mobile Phone – 45% OFF

Latest HTC Mobile Phone. 1 Yr Warranty.

1 Day Delivery Guaranteed.

6) Warranty Seekers

Warranty Seekers represents a big part of online consumers. They want to make sure that the product delivered is fault free and they have an option to get a replacement or a free service.

Home Shop 18 seems to have done their homework. They have included both 48% off and 1 Yr. Warranty in the Ad.

Depending on the countries you are targeting, and the products you are selling, find the intersection of Personas that would be most profitable.

For Example, in Asian markets for the keyword ‘htc mobile purchase online’, your Ad Copy should target the intersection of:

1) Option Seekers

2) Discount Seekers

3) Free Seekers

4) Warranty Seekers

The Ad would look like

Buy HTC Mobile Phone – 45% OFF

280+ HTC Mobile Phone. Free Shipping.

1 Year Warranty