How to Filter by Geography With Google Analytics Profile

Google Analytics Profile allows Marketers to segment the traffic based on location. For most website, 2-3 countries would be contributing towards most of the revenue. Instead of filtering Google Analytics with custom segments, it is a better idea to create profiles for your top five target markets.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial:

1) Login to your Analytics Account and select your website

2) Click the New Profile Button

Google Analytics Profile

3) Give an appropriate Name. Preferably <Website Name> <Country Code>

Like ByteFive US

 Google Analytics Profile Name

4) Click the Create Profile button

5) Once the profile has been created, click the Filters tab and add New Filter

Create Filters Google Analytics

6) Give a Filter’s Name: Preferably the Country Code. In this case, “US”

Google Analytics Filters

7) Select Custom Filter Type and Pick “Include”

8) Select ‘Country’ as the Filter Field

9) Enter  ‘United States’ as the Filter Pattern

10) Pick ‘No’ for Case Sensitive Field and Save the Filter

Wait for a couple of hours and now statistics for visitors from United States will be recorded in the default profile and in ‘US’ profile, too.


Another advantage is that for each profile, you can create 20 Goals. Therefore, if you have exhausted the number of goals in your default profile, creating custom profiles can help you workaround the goal restriction. 

Goals in Google Analytics

Add Location specific goals. For example, if you are targeting a product only for the US audience, the Goals can be set accordingly.