Google Human Raters – How Processes and 7 Biases influence results

Google Search results are not entirely based on algorithms. Human Raters play a crucial role in evaluating algorithm changes.  They have to first understand the query type – navigational, informational & transactional. Then they have to evaluate the pages in the search results for relevance and the value it offers to the user.

Google URL Shortner

Google URL shortener ( is just like You can access information about referrers, countries of visitors that have clicked your URL, Browser type and Platforms used by your visitor with the URL. But like in links, the information would be public and can be accessed by other users having a account.


What is Google PageRank?

Google Page Rank are logarithmic value given to each web page based on its importance. The importance is determined by the number of citation(links) that a page receives both internally(from the same website) and externally(from Authoritative and New Websites). Earlier page rank was defined simplistically