EMail Newsletter

Why your E-Mail Newsletter Open Rate is inaccurate?

The 1x1 pixel image was introduced in Email newsletter Campaign Services during a time when Email clients like MS Outlook downloaded images by default. But since MS Outlook 2007, images are disabled by default. The open rate that you see in your Email Campaign Analytic Dashboard might not be entirely accurate. 

How Does Email Marketing Service track Open Rate?

Excerpt vs. Full Article in EMail Newsletters

Most newsletters use excerpt instead of a full article. The monthly frequency of newsletters forces publishers to include lot of information in one edition. Providing multiple links in your newsletter tend to decrease user engagement both while reading the newsletter and on visiting your product/service pages (from the newsletter). Although the click through rates will be higher with more links in your newsletter, you have to focus on ‘Effective Engagement'.

Testing EMail Subjects

Businesses often neglect about the subject used in their email campaigns and worry about Email open rate. Consumers are more likely to open an E-Mail newsletter with the subject “X Trends Update" than with the subject "X Newsletter #103". But you will be surprised to learn that popular formula used to create titles in Blogs (X Number #12 according to US Industry Reports, How to...., Top 10 ways to...

EMail Newsletter Opt-In Process

The open rate and click through rates in your E-Mail campaign is influenced by the opt-in process that you have deployed. If you have sneakingly put a check-box in your partner's website to subscribe to your newsletter or have cleverly put a default subscription in your report download or user registration form then your prospects are less likely to open your e-mail. So what are some of the best practice?