We started F1GMAT in July 2009 when information for MBA Aspirants meant Forums. Although a great platform for discussing GMAT Questions, Forums had thousands of conversations about the same GMAT problems and MBA Application Questions. MBA Aspirants were wasting time scrolling through hundreds of posts, and some even were turning into Forum Addicts craving for that extra point as contributors. They were losing sight of the main goal: to get into a top MBA program. That is when we felt the need to start an Editorial platform.

Instead of the wisdom of the crowd, we began focusing on practical solutions and expert guidance. As years passed by, we developed a huge knowledge base on GMAT Tutorials, GMAT Preparation, GMAT Tips,, MBA Admission Interview, MBA Application Essay Tips, MBA Research, MBA Funding & MBA Tours.

We have also interviewed MBA Admission Officers and MBA Admission Consultants over the years. To know what it is like to be an MBA, browse through the ‘Inside MBA’ section. In GMAT Prep, apart from our team, the team at Grockit & Veritas Prep has contributed the most for our platform while in MBA Admissions Consulting – some of the best Authors & Consultants including Stacy Blackman have shared their unique wisdom with us. Scroll through the expert pages here.