ByteFive's Story (Contact Us)

ByteFive was Founded by Atul Jose in 2010 when he was building F1GMAT - the leading online publication that guides MBA Aspirants to top Business Schools. In a crowded market, Atul needed more than luck to build a global brand. By focussing on content, email marketing and the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization, F1GMAT started getting attention on a Global Scale with a market share of over 29% in the highly competitive MBA Admission space.

What makes F1GMAT's story unique is that unlike the competitors that are mostly concentrated in the US, Atul, and his team, built F1GMAT from the sleepy town of Kochi in Kerala, India. Another proof that when you are setting up an online Business, location rarely matters. It is the unrelenting focus on serving customers and solving their problems that will eventually determine whether your Business has the potential to be a global brand.

Why ByteFive?

We want to replicate the success that we had with F1GMAT for your brand too. If you are starting off, there are a few learning curves that you have to cross.

If you are in the market for the past few years but reached a plateau regarding growth, our guidance will reinvent your Business.

All our strategies have Content as the Foundation.

Guiding Principle #1: If you don't believe in content as a tool for Marketing, and influence, our services won't give you the expected return.

Guiding Principle #2: If you don't believe in dominating a niche market before diversifying, our services wouldn't matter.

Guiding Principle #3: If you don't believe that your Business exists to solve customer problems, our services would be ineffective.

We prefer to accept Businesses that believe in the three guiding principles that we followed for the past seven years.

You can reach Atul Jose @ByteFive on the following numbers:

US: +1 415-800-3806
India: +919497189032

You can also fill out the form below for service request or ask any questions about Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising or Search Engine Optimization.