9 Essential Twitter Advanced Search Tips

Twitter Advanced search will allow you to get the latest trends and opinions about topics ranging from breaking news, politics, controversies, product releases, movie reviews to wide range of niche topics.

As with Search Engine, lot of techniques can be repeated for Twitter search 

1) Broad Search 

This will give all the results related to the search term used. For example if you are searching to find out what people are saying about UK Economy, type in:

Twitter Broad Search

As you can see, you will get lot of opinions (both relevant and non-relevant) about UK economy.

2) Phrase Search

To narrow down your search to data and relevant information, put quotes over your search term like "UK Economy"

Twitter Phrase Search

Now you get some useful stats about UK's economy.

3) Operator Search

Operator searches will allow you to narrow down your search to specific phrase, including other search terms or by excluding the occurrence of certain phrases. 

Exclude Search Terms

For example: If you want to search for "UK Economy” but without the mention of ‘Olympic games’, repeat the search with a negative operator 

“UK Economy“–games


“UK Economy” –Olympic

Twitter Operator Search

Please note that there should not be any gap between the “-“(minus operator) and the excluded words.

4) Hash Tag Search

Hash Tag (#) is used in Twitter to tag a tweet under a topic. For twitter searchers # (Hash Tags) is the easiest way to find out the latest news and opinions about a topic. You can directly enter the hash tags like:

Twitter Hash Tag Search

5) Reference Search

If you are interested in what people are saying about a company or an individual use the @ search like:

Twitter Reference Search

You can also find out tweets send out by a person to another person using:

from: person1 to:person2

Twitter From To Search

6) Location Search

If you want to find out the nearest MacDonald’s in your city then do a location based search like:

“Search Term” near:”Location”

Twitter Location Search

You can filter the search to more specifics like:

“Search Term” near:”Location” within: 23mi

Mi -> Miles

7) Time Bound Search

For find out tweets from a certain time period use:

“Search Term” since:year-month-day

Twitter Time Bound Search

“Search Term” until:year-month-day

8) Mood Search

This search feature can be best used to find out the reviews of the movie you are planning to watch like:

Example 1: “Search Term” :)

Positive Mood Search

Example 2: “Search Term” :(

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Problems


Please note that the Emoticon might convey the mood of the Twitter user(unrelated to the Tweet Topic) . Twitter is not foolproof with regards to finding the sentiments of customers or prospects.

As you can see in the above example, the user is happy to be home and not because of George Bush


9) Blog Search

The best way to find out new blogs on niche topics is to use a link filter with your Twitter search like:

“Search Term” filter:links

use Twitter to Find Interestign Blogs

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