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How to Add Quality Score Column in AdWords?

For some strange reason, Google has disabled Quality Score from the default Adwords columns.  For each keyword, Adwords calculates Quality Score based on the relevance with the Ad text and user’s search query. Performance of your Ad influences the value of the Quality Score. 

What does the Quality Score Impact?

Google Plus for Business - FAQ


Google Plus for Business has gone live for users all around the world. The news was announced on Nov 7th 2011 in the Official Google Blog. Features like Hangout and Circles are also available in the page. In addition to that the users who has +1ed your page will be classified to Following, Customers, VIPs and Team members. 

3 Step Process to Monitor your Brand

It is important that you monitor your Brand keywords on a daily or weekly basis. Lot of times, your competitor might use your brand name in wrong places (spam sites, blog comments) or might create fake reviews in popular sites like Yelp. It is important that you address genuine complaints raised by your customers and inform your prospects about fake reviews and comments.  To solve this problem, follow these guidelines

9 Essential Twitter Advanced Search Tips

Twitter Advanced search will allow you to get the latest trends and opinions about topics ranging from breaking news, politics, controversies, product releases, movie reviews to wide range of niche topics.

As with Search Engine, lot of techniques can be repeated for Twitter search 

Query Deserves Freshness

Query Deserves Freshness(QDF) is a ranking factor used in Google Algorithm for time sensitive search phrases. For example, if you had searched for Steve Jobs when his death made news in October 5, you would have noticed websites constantly changing their rank in top 5 position for the term "Steve Jobs dead".

Top 5 Link Building Tips

Link building continues to be an important activitiy for your Internet Marketing campaigns. Since Google Search Engine was built on the notion of citation (links), algorithm changes in the future will not alter the fundamentals.

1. Link Diversity