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Multivariate Testing - Introduction

Multivariate Testing: If you are currently working on improving conversion in your critical pages then you might have come across the term “Multivariate Testing’. A/B Testing is a simple concept. You test for two versions A and B and find out which version converts better. The variation can be any aspect of the page – design, colour of the button, headline, background colour or Call to Action.

What is Google PageRank?

Google Page Rank are logarithmic value given to each web page based on its importance. The importance is determined by the number of citation(links) that a page receives both internally(from the same website) and externally(from Authoritative and New Websites). Earlier page rank was defined simplistically

Four Goals of Internet Marketing

The first step in Internet Marketing is getting visitors to your website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. While it takes discipline and concentrated link building, keyword research and on-page optimization to get the right audience to your landing pages, all the efforts would be wasted if you are not focused on conversion. Too often businesses focus on the wrong Key Performance Indicators - Time on page, Bounce Rate and Browse Rate.

What is Click through rate?

Click through rate(CTR) is the backbone of Internet Advertising. Although other metrics are being considered like the impact of indirect response to an Ad, agencies and marketers use click through rates to calculate the immediate impact of Advertising.


Long Tail Keywords vs Quality Score

Use of long Tail keywords in your Ad Groups will improve conversion and relevancy for your Ads. First of all you have to understand that Quality Score is measured separately for your Ad Group, Keywords, Ads, Network (Display and Search), Landing page and Account. The score is calculated on the fly when a user enters a search query. With long-tail keywords the volume of searches would be low.