ByteFive Internet Marketing Solutions

ByteFive provides Internet Marketing Consulting in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Managing and Analyzing Web Analytics packages, Performing Landing page Optimization, Managing E-Mail Newsletter, Performing Competitor Research and in Content Creation and Marketing.

What process does ByteFive follow while providing Internet Marketing service?

For the past couple of Years, ByteFive has refined the process of providing services for our clients.

ByteFive Internet Marketing Process

Listen Actively

There is a huge difference between listening to client’s requirement and actively listening to the client’s needs. Our services are based on the foundation of Active Listening. 

Define Problems and Goals

Once we have actively listened to the client’s need, we define the problem and discuss with the client to ensure that problems have been defined accurately. We also make sure that the end goal with the Internet Marketing campaign is well defined.

Find Solution

ByteFive’s focus is on developing feasible solutions for our clients. Once we define the problem, our efforts would be on developing solutions that achieve client’s goals.

Review Systematically

The process of continuous self-improvement is a mantra for us. We review the solution regularly on various phases of the project and ensure that our client is satisfied with each deliverables.

Lasting Impact

We ensure that clients get lasting value with our solution. We recommend a supplementary training program for our clients so that they can manage the internet marketing services, internally. For clients who don’t have the resources or focus on Internet Marketing, we support the clients with our Internet Marketing maintenance project.

What is ByteFive’s integrated Internet Marketing service?

ByteFive combines the marketing power of online publications and Internet Marketing services to provide a wider reach for our clients.

For example, if you are a Business School and want to reach a larger audience, we combine the reach of F1GMAT with ByteFive’s Internet Marketing services, to achieve a wider Brand Reach and Lead Generation capabilities.

Have any questions about ByteFive Internet Marketing Service?

Call us at:  US (Ph): +1 650-491-0004 or UK (Ph): +44 (0)20-3371-9976 or India (Ph): +91 9497189032 or you can fill out this form with your requirements


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationGetting found through Search engines is not about being lucky. Once in a while your website might get listed for keywords like “No competition keywords” but in reality, your competitor who got listed above your page in Search results are not there because of luck. They developed and implemented a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy. No matter how lucky you get you can’t create a sustainable online presence with a few top results. You have to follow the best practices in content creation, website accessibility, brand positioning, use of keywords and link building to outperform your competition. It is a lot of work but we are ready to do that for you. 


Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click ManagementI have spent thousands of dollars without getting any results” is an often heard woe from marketers. Higher marketing budget doesn’t always result in more leads, larger mindshare and more customers. Are you spending your company’s budget on the right keywords? The “intent of the keyword” plays a major role in a pay per click campaign’s success. Are you targeting the early researchers or the active buyers? How can you classify the keywords? What strategies are your competitors following? These questions are critical for any company and we would make sure that your hard earned money is spent wisely



AnalyticsIt is not the lack of resources, plan or strategy but the lack of clearly defined Key performance indicators  that most often leads to a campaign’s failure. Setting up a complete Analytics package for your web portal would be the first step to a project’s success. Our brainstorming sessions would help create a comprehensive list of “key performance variables” for you. We would set up processes to measure, realign and implement Internet Marketing strategies for your company. Measuring the campaign’s success on a regular basis is the key.




Internet Marketing Training


Do PPC, CPA, CPC, ORM  and the infinite list of acronyms and formula confuse you?  Most of these acronyms are meant to help you and not scare you. Our Training would give you a broader picture on how all these measurements and formulas fit your marketing campaign. We would also ensure that your IT and Marketing team understand the processes involved in effective Internet marketing.

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